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Bespoke printing systems, completely built in-house by Qres Technologies, bring you new opportunities which were impossible a few years ago.

At Qres Technologies we believe in one face to the customer. We do everything in house and build anything from narrow to wide, single or multi pass solutions. This means the electronics, data path, ink system, motion systems and material handling automation are made by one reliable partner.

Try it out yourself and contact us to discuss how digital printing can be integrated into your manufacturing operation.


Profile printers (multiple faces)

Framing profiles for doors and windows, and interior trim profiles for molding and edging. Qres has developed a unique capability to print decors seamlessly on multiple faces of a profile, to replace foil application.

Profile printers (cladding)

Flat and interlocking profiles for building cladding, fencing and door panels. Semi and fully automatic material loading/unloading systems, printing on one or two sides.

Concrete Slab printers

For terraces, gardens, walkways, and walls. Printers integrated directly on to factory production lines, for high volume automated production.

Panel printers

Front or Back printed Control Panels for applying picto-grams and logos on domestic appliances and other small format products. High resolution graphics using state of the art inks and primers, to replace conventional pad printing.

Box printers

Printing on corrugated boxes in automated packaging lines. Variable content, high quality box printing, with image content controlled by scanned Bar Codes, to replace label application.

Architectural panel printers

Large scale printing on powder coated aluminum panels for industrial building facades. Printing with advanced inorganic inks which offer the ultimate in colour fastness in outdoor applications.

Web printer

High speed single pass printers on foil for high volume automated packaging lines. Printer integrated directly on roll processing equipment.

Flatbed printers

For printing on large format substrates for sign and graphics applications. The unique bridge lift options allows printing on substrates up to 30cm thick.

Custom printers

Send Qres your requirements and our team will work with you to develop a custom solution to fit your product and process needs.

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About Us

Qres Technologies s.r.o., founded in 2012, is a privately owned company that develops, manufactures, and delivers tailor-made in-line or off-line industrial print solutions as well as printers for the Sign and Graphics market. With a growing install base of more than 80 machines delivered around the world, Qres continues to set the evolutionary course by offering groundbreaking print solutions to more and more markets.

Qres designs and develops its own highly advanced technology, using state of the art mechatronics, high-speed image processing electronics, and the latest software tools. With a highly qualified team of more than 40 engineers, technologists and manufacturing professionals we have a great capacity to offer fully customized solution, developed and manufactured from the first seed of inspiration to fully installed equipment. 

Qres has main business operations in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and corporate offices in Sweden and the Netherlands, but operates globally.

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