We know that your printer is one of the key assets of your business. Therefore, we offer sophisticated professional service and support to meet the demands of our customers. We are here to keep your equipment in excellent condition, to help you to improve the performance of the printer, or to be at hand if the printer doesn’t work right. Our goal is to offer you the highest level of field service and specialized customer care in the industry.


Our authorized service engineers are fully qualified to answer all questions about technical specifications and space requirements prior to the installation of the printer. Following the  assembly of the printer at the customer’s site  all printer settings are adjusted for optimal performance. It is also important to ensure that customers receive professional training in order to be able to get the highest possible performance from the printer.  A highly flexible and individual approach is taken with each unique installation so that customers receive the support they need to maximize their business opportunities.


Qres printers have been designed to facilitate upgrades to its configuration to match the current needs of your business. Upgrades can be installed any time, at your place, with minimal impact on your production. So if you need to enhance the performance of the printer, we are ready to help you to find the best solution for you. You can contact our sales department or discuss your ideas with our service professionals.


Sometimes bad things happen and your printer does not work quite as well as it should. It is important to have professional and prompt service backup for these cases. Our service team is here to provide you with a quick response, to diagnose the problem and suggest a suitable solution. Our remote support system includes Web technical support and Telephone technical support. If needed, our service engineers are ready to visit and repair your printer onsite.


Qres Technologies offers a preventive maintenance service program to help you keep your printer in excellent condition. It includes a technical inspection, cleaning and lubricating important parts of the printer, replacement of worn out components, and software updates. Our service engineers will also review your work flow and provide you with additional recommendations and other advice to optimize the usage of the printer, color management, etc.


It is crucial for our customers to know exactly how to use all functions of the printer in full range. We designed our additional services to help you to understand your printer and to satisfy your specific requirements. The team of experienced experts is ready to provide you with our special services.

Customized professional training services

Consulting services and application assistance

Print head reconditioning

Spare parts and component repair

Software upgrades


The team of our professionals is close at hand whenever you need technical backup and support. Remote diagnostics, onsite service, web and telephone technical support. Due to expert knowledge and long-time experience they always find right solution for you.

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Michal Soucek
Petr Svoboda