Expand the capabilities of your printing equipment.
Take your Manta | Manta White | Octopus II printer to a higher level.
Double your productivity and improve your print sharpness at the same time!

Qres Technologies now offers the opportunity to boost your printer´s performance with the most up to date print head technology from Konica Minolta. The KM1024 series print heads double the number of ink jet nozzles, and print with a smaller 12pL droplet size.

Qres upgrades are available in three variants depending on the configuration of your printer:

| 1 x CMYK + W (5 print heads)
| 2 x CMYK (8 print heads)
| 2 x CMYK + W (9 print heads)

The basic Qpro print software is complemented by Qrip software. Caldera Grand V9 RIP software and Colorgate is offered as optional.



Qres upgrades are installed on-site in less than 2 days to minimize your production disruption.
The upgrade package includes:

| Pre-installation inspection of the printer

| Upgrade installation

| Printer calibration

| Colour profiling

| Maintenance instructions

| Operator training