Affordable UV flatbed printer

The effort to meet the specific needs of the customers resulted in the Manta Upgrade Extra printer.
It combines Manta platform, representing a printing solution at a reasonable price, with exceptional features of Upgrades by Qres Technologies.
This large format UV flatbed printer is an ideal solution in case you are looking for flexible, affordable and adaptable printer.

| Print Heads

New Konica Minolta 1024 print heads, mounted on the Manta Upgrade Extra printer, are equipped with droplet size of 12pL, double number of ink jet nozzles and double print width.

Basic CMYK configuration may be enhanced by four additional CMYK print heads.
In order to support all kinds of print applications, White and Varnish option is also available.

| Print Table

Manta Upgrade Extra with table size of 2 x 3 m is cost-effective flatbed system enabling to print directly on rigid, flexible, heavy or odd-shaped materials, as well as materials with structural surface such as wood, glass or ceramic tiles.
The flexibility of usage of this printer is boosted by the fact that the maximum media thickness is 50 mm.

| Software

Easy operation of the printer is supported by a new Qpro print software.
Basic system data, status of print job, print job settings and other functions enables you to have everything under control easily.

The basic Qpro print software is complemeted by Qrip software.
Caldera Grand V9 RIP software and ColorGATE Productionserver 8 are offered as optional.



| Twin Mode

Twin Mode is an innovative system developed to reduce preparation time in the course of printing.
Due to the two virtual working desks you can set up the starting point for two printing operations independently.
It enables to work on both parts of the printing table at the same time – to print on one part of the printing table, and to prepare material on the other part.

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| Media

Print area2,05 m x 3,25 m (80,7 in x 128 in)
Media typesAny flexible or rigid material including paper, vinyl, plastic, glass, wood, metal, stone, laminate, ceramics, rubber etc.
Maximum media thickness 50mm (2in) + optional 250 mm (9.8 in) with the Bridge Lift
Maximum media weight200 kg (440 lb)
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