QRES Technologies designs, manufactures and delivers tailor-made in-line or off-line industrial print solutions. Our printers can print Primer, CMYK, White, Spot Colors and Varnish on flat or irregular surfaces, with an over-edge print option to print multiple sides of an object seamlessly. Systems are integrated into existing manufacturing-lines such as window-frames, building cladding, concrete tiles, furniture and cabinetry, domestic appliances and automotive parts.


With major developments in inkjet technology in the past few years, our integrated industrial print solutions are being adopted more and more. Production lines have been upgraded with QRES customized inkjet printer solutions where print is applied directly on final products eliminating printed foils, labels or the use of conventional contact methods such as silk screen or pad printing.


Bespoke printing systems, completely built by Qres in-house, give our customers individualized printer solutions that are completely customized to your needs. At Qres Technologies we believe in one face to the customer.  We do everything in house and build anything from narrow to wide, single or multi pass solutions.  This means the electronics, data path, ink system, motion systems and material handling automation are made by one reliable partner.  Try it out yourself and contact us to discuss how digital printing can be integrated into your manufacturing operation.


A wide selection of full-colour inks is available to suit any customer requirement, including versions which are super durable, chemically resistant, flexible, formable and impervious to fading.  Primer coatings to ensure maximum adhesion on a variety of materials, and top coatings to improve scratch resistance are also key elements in providing optimal solutions.  For outdoor applications, we use patented organic and inorganic outdoor inks to provide a uniquely robust solution for the ultimate performance in the harshest of environmental conditions.


Skipping external decoration processes, such as silkscreen, pad printing, foils or labelling steps, by integrating digital printing into the main production process means; being quicker, less inventory storage, more flexibility and… less costs.  Changeover between jobs is a matter of minutes, text updates such as language changes, including adding variable data or even complete design changes can be done instantly.  Digital print is on demand and without stock.


skipping labels or foil costs
eliminating conventional silk screen or pad printing
reducing inventory
decreasing changeover times
producing smaller batches.

In today’s more personalized world, there is an increasing demand to print designs on-demand and maintain print quality.   Many products are eligible for industrial print and thanks to the increased ink resistance against UV-light and scratches, we guarantee, together with our ink partners, that ink can be applied to your products and live up to your high demands.


At Qres we recognize that the need for industrial print has quadrupled, why not being the next in line to invest in an industrial printer solution.

Contact us in case you have an industrial print solution need for your injection moulded products. We are confident that we will be able to partner with you and deliver what we promise.