Qres Technologies is a developer of sophisticated large format ink jet printing systems. Our experienced engineering and service team brings significant benefits to professional graphics and sign printers. Founded in 2012, Qres Technologies is producing UV inkjet systems for the Graphic & Signage and Industrial market. Based on the foundations of a company who was one of the pioneers of UV inkjet print technologies and installed many large format UV Inkjet systems, a team consisting of new and former employees started a new firm producing top-notch inkjet solutions. With a best-in-class customer support organization and a growing installation base, Qres Technologies is rapidly becoming an important market player who is delivering reliable and affordable UV Inkjet systems for the various markets. Our philosophy is to offer our customers excellent quality, reliability and high standards accompanied with professional service and support. Our company is based in Slovakia and the Czech Republic where our team enables us to develop a unique individual approach to our customers and to be highly flexible in meeting our customer’s requirements.